The Kirkwood Community Food and Financial Assistance Organization
Lending a helping hand since 1982.

Kirk Care, Inc.
P. O. Box 220652
Kirkwood, MO 63122-0652
For client services: *
* Caution! Do not send personal information, SSN, DOB, etc.
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What Services Do We Offer?
* Food deliveries (maintained at our own local pantry)
* Assistance with utility bills
* Rent assistance
* Helps R-7 school district purchase school supplies
* Helps SPROG provide its summer program
* Christmas food & gift boxes distribution to client families

"Kirk Care offers the community and congregations within
the Kirkwood R-7 School District a proven process for
helping our neighbors in need."

Who Are We?
* Kirk Care is a non-profit organization formed by the Kirkwood
   Ministerial Alliance.
* Its mission is to help the needy who live within the boundary of
   the Kirkwood R-7 school district.
* It is directed and staffed by lay people from the churches
   within the R-7 school district.
* Churches, schools, individuals, and many civic organizations
   in the area contribute to Kirk Care with food and/or money.
* Kirk Care members take an active role in providing services to
   those in need for the communities of Kirkwood, Glendale,
   Warson Woods, Oakland and Des Peres.
* Kirk Care offers the community and congregations within the
   Kirkwood R-7 school district a proven process for helping our
   neighbors in need.

How You Can Help Us!
* Deliverers: Gather food and personal care items from the
   Kirk Care pantry and deliver them to a client.
   This is done during week days, as needed.
* Board Members: One or two members of each church meet
   every month. These representatives are your
   contact with Kirk Care.
* Contributors: Your support, your prayers, food donations
   and financial aid. Encourage and support food
   drives in your church. These food collections can
   be contributed to the Kirk Care Food Pantry.

If you live in Kirkwood, please check the Kirk Care box on your utility bill and add an amount to the total!
Please make checks payable to "Kirk Care, Inc." Contributions to Kirk Care, Inc. are tax deductible.
If you have questions, or would like to volunteer or contribute, call our message machine at 314-965-0406 or send an email to: